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Loading conveyor onto truck


We offer a comprehensive range of services to customers who may wish to upgrade or re-engineer existing systems, or re-locate the system to another site. Our team are able to relocate systems either within the existing manufacturing facility, to a new location anywhere across the UK and also internationally if required.

Robot loading cnc machine tool

System assessment

If you have an existing robot system that you are considering modifying, upgrading or re-locating, then the first stage is to call us in for a site survey visit. We can assess all elements of the system and discuss your requirements in detail.

Man building weld jig

System upgrade

There are many reasons why you may consider upgrading an old system. It could be that following years of use it has simply become inefficient and key elements need to be replaced to regain the original performance level. Alternatively, the product being manufactured may have changed and the system requires modification to accommodate this, the throughput requirement may also have increased, or you might simply want to re-use an existing robot in a new cell.

Fork lift truck moving conveyor

System re-location

If you are re-locating your site, or simply need to re-organise your production area, then it will be necessary to re-locate your existing automation. This is not always a straightforward task, but Premier Automation has the experience required to make this as swift and risk-free as possible.

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