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Robot universal vacuum gripper


Robot Picking & Stacking Thermoform Trays

Picking and stacking plastic trays out of a thermoform machine.

Robot unloading vacuum forming machine

We have constructed a number of these thermoform tray packing cells. Each one comprises an ABB IRB1600 robot which is overhead mounted adjacent to a thermoforming machine. 

Thermoformed trays are indexed out of the machine still attached to the film roll, which means they are still held under control.

Robot stacking plastic trays

The robot grips each tray using a vacuum gripper and travels with the film roll over a break-off roller which releases the tray from the scrap web so that it can be stacked.

The robot gripper is designed to be universal to handle hundreds of slightly different tray designs, and the robot program can be adjusted on the fly to allow for different tray sizes and stack heights. 

System Description
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