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Actuator Arm Machining Cell

This cell is used to machine a comprehensive range of actuator arms for our customer. As a turnkey project the cell includes ABB Robots, CNC Machines, Machine Vision, Thread Checking, Conveyors, Control and Guarding.

Robot machine tending

This cell accepts component parts which are roughly aligned on the input conveyor. A vision system is used to identify the true position of the part and guide the robot to the pick up position.

The larger of the 2 robots loads and unloads parts to and from each of the CNC Machines and also de-burrs the edges before passing the parts to the second and smaller robot.

Robotic de-burr

The smaller robot is used to check the tapped hole in the part and automatically fit studs before returning the component to the first robot which then places the part to an output conveyor.

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