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Gasket For Engine ECU Components

Premier Automation has a long standing working relationship with Robafoam. The company uses our high precision 6 axis robot systems, to automatically apply complex foam seals or adhesives directly to customers parts as part of their contracting services. Robafoam's flexible services range from processing individual prototype parts, through the development phases to full, high-volume quantities supplied directly to their customers.

Robotic gluing

The systems supplied by Premier Automation comprise of a 6 Axis ABB Robot which is used to manipulate a dual purpose head.


This comprises of a CORONA treatment unit, a surface modification technique that uses a low temperature corona discharge plasma to enhance the adhesion properties of the  surface prior to dispensing of the gasket material.

Robotic gasket dispensing

The second part of the robot head is used to dispense the foam gasket / sealing material.


The combination of the precision and repeatability of the robot, together with the selection of the most appropriate material for the application and the expertise of Robafoam's engineers ensures process consistency every time.

System Description
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