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Robot Welding Case study


Metal Strap Welding System

This example shows a recent system which spot welds a metal strap arrangement used to secure a plastic fuel tank in place on the vehicle.  For more details, please see the additional information, images and video below.

Robot spot weld gun

This high performance production facility was built for a leading UK automotive supplier to weld two types of tank strap assembly at a volume in excess of 90,000 per year.

To achieve the desired throughput the system incorporates a 2 position interchange table to allow the operator to unload and load the jigs one side whilst the robot continues to weld assemblies on the other side.

Robot spot weld cell

The system includes automatic tip dressing and tip changing systems to increase efficiency and reduce the need for operator interaction.

The system achieves demanding spot welding operations welding two 3 mm thicknesses of high tensile steel together.

System Description
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