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Roof Panel Assembly System

We have recently completed a pair of robotic welding cells which are used to assemble roof panels for a premier European automotive manufacturer. The cycle time for these operations is 100 seconds and for more details, please see the additional information, images and video below.

Automatic nut welder

Cell one is used to perform pre-assembly operations and uses 2 ABB IRB6640 robots to weld 34 nuts onto 3 separate pressings.


Cell two comprises 4 robots and welds the entire roof section together. All of the separate component parts are loaded into a fixture by an operator, the fixture indexes around and 2 robots equipped with servo-driven spot welding guns weld the parts together with 57 spot welds.

Robotic spot welder

The operator then unloads the assembly from the indexing fixture and re-loads it to a second fixture which indexes to present it to the third robot which welds 8 nuts to the assembly before putting it on a handover fixture from where the 4th robot picks it up, welds on 6 studs, takes it to a check station, then to a marking station for a serial number, and finally offloads onto a third rotary fixture.

System Description
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