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Robot loading washing machine


Robots Tending Multiple Machine Tools

This application comprises of two separate cells: one for machining operations and the second for washing the machined components. Kawasaki robots are used in both systems and more information and a video can be found below.

Robot casting loader

The first part of this project comprises a machine tool loading cell. Die-cast aluminium engine components arrive for machining on a conveyor and are located using vision to allow them to be picked up by the robot and placed on a datum fixture.


The parts are then re-gripped before being loaded into a Heller machining centre for the first of two machining operations.

Robot washing machine

On completion of the first machining operation they are  transferred to the second Heller machine for the second machining operation before being loaded by the robot onto a transfer conveyor which carries the castings to the second robot cell for washing.

The robot in the washing cell loads each casting first to one of the washing machines, and then to one of the drying machines. The robot then unloads the cleaned parts and transfers them to a conveyor which carries them through to a leak testing station.

System Description
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