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Our experienced team of programmers are able to provide robot and PLC programming support for a comprehensive range of robot and PLC systems. From industry 4.0 digital twin to modifications to existing programmes.

We use tools such as Robot Studio and Siemens PLC Sim to create and edit programmes offline to minimise downtime at the point of installation on the customer site.

Our engineers have extensive experience across a wide range of installations from single cell robot systems to sophisticated automation systems incorporating multiple peripheral automation technologies.

Robotic welding cell

Off-line programming

Off-line programming is the best way to maximise return on investment for a robot system, creating a digital twin. It can either be used to optimise cell design before manufacture, or it can be used to re-programme working cells without shutting down production.

ABB tech pendant

On-site robot programming

We have a number of very experienced robot and PLC programmers who are available to visit customer sites and re-programme existing robot systems, either to improve system performance or to accommodate new products. We are also able to work on robots integrated by other companies as well as our own systems

Siemens PLC

PLC programming

Premier Automation is equally experienced in PLC programming with all of the major PLC types. Most automated systems incorporate a PLC to control the peripheral aspects of the cell, as well as to communicate with the outside world, or to interface to an EMS / MES style system. We can also create full SCADA and custom MES systems from scratch.

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